Webometrics Rating Founder Highly Evaluated SSU Web-System

Webometrics – is a science that studies quantitative characteristics of World Wide Web. SSU scientists participated in the 3rd Webometrics International Conference, which took place in the National research center in Madrid, Spain (CSIC).

The head of cybermetrics laboratory, founder and editor in chief of the world-known Webometrics rating, Doctor Isidro Aguillo was the organizer of the conference.

Sumy State University was represented by the head of the Laboratory of Internet technologies Dmytro Filchenko. According to him, Webometrics rating is perceived all over the world not simply as a common web-sites competition, but as a heavy scientifically reasoned analysis tool for all aspects of an organization real activity.

During the conference he presented primary SSU web-projects. Some leading experts including the manager of the SCIMago Bibliometric Database Borja Gonzalez, director of GrandIR company, which specializes in building up and analyzing institutional repositories Pablo de Castro, the manager of MasMedios company, which deals with promoting universities in World Wide Web Jorge Serrano gave their reviews and consultations on SSU web-system building.

Webometrics rating founder, Doctor Isidro Aguillo, highly estimated the new SSU initiatives on web-space and said, that he was impressed by the strategy SSU used in this sphere.