Majestic SEO for Webometric Research

Hyperlinks are a subject of interest not only to SEOs or web marketing specialists but also to researchers in the fields of web-mining, information retrieval or webometrics. Coined more than 15 years ago, the term ‘webometrics’ became a constantly growing field of science, which assesses web presence, web usage and web impact indicators, as well as discovers new patterns on the Web.

This subject area was discussed in depth at one of the most comprehensive events, the 8th International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics & Scientometrics organized by Global Interdisciplinary Research Network COLLNET, which was held recently in Seoul, South Korea, where I was asked to present my paper and presentation.
Every day, all of us use various web metrics. For example: Google PageRank, when searching the web, Alexa Traffic Rank when searching for popular sites, or MajesticSEO’s Flow Metrics when estimating the impact of a given URL. However, have you ever considered the scale of samples examined while computing these metrics (thousands of billions of URLS’s) and how difficult it is to solve the problems of precision (Google PageRanks are 11 integers from 0 to 1)?

If one was to compute such metrics for a specific subject area, then size and precision would be less significant and more importantly, one would be able to provide a better insight into the subject area.